Twenty Seventeen...


In the spirit of the New Year...we tend to speak of new opportunities, making changes and eliminating the things that we have done in prior years to make this new year...Better for ourselves and our futures. I said a few days ago that I was going to post telling you about my resolution going into the new year because although very simple in premise, it my be something that you faithful contributors and readers could latch on to and we could all have potentially better days ahead.

I, MCW in the year 2017 resolve to Be Happy With Where God Wants Me to Be.  

The reason I say this is because throughout my professional years, I have spent so much time looking for the next move. Anticipating and wondering and pining to move forward...Position Coach. Coordinator, Head Coach. That's how the ladder works. On your job its what, entry level position and from then you show yourself worthy and you move up that ladder. We don't want to serve under someone forever. We don't want to answer to someone who you believe you are better than. 

This thinking can really stunt your growth. It's natural to think highly of yourself. Hell, you should be your biggest cheerleader. You should think that you're smart and awesome and worthy. What do you do though when the people who are responsible for your movement don't agree with your thoughts? 

See, I want to be a High School Head Football Coach. Thats it. I want to find a school that wants me and I want to stay there for 10+ years win a bunch of games, change children's lives and then go home and watch In the Heat of the Night reruns. So after 5 years of being an assistant, I decided that I'm going to Interview for Head Coaching Positions...I knew I wasn't ready...but I knew I had been under 4 coaches in 5 years and longed for some stability. After not getting that job, things really became unstable. Three years in a row I've moved. All the while I was chasing a new opportunity. Wasn't happy with my input, my output, my voice feeling stifled, my tools being ignored. Now finally, I'm in a spot where I'm happy, I have a head coach that believes in me, that lifts me up, that wants me to achieve my dream and wants me to be prepared when I finally get it. Most Importantly...He wants me there. Stability. 

Most times, we don't pay attention to the signs we've been given. We ask God all the time, Lead me Where you Want me to Be...and then when he closes the doors like we WANT him to, we are upset. I spend far too long wondering about what could or should be in my eyes to just stop and appreciate what I have. What you have right now is the opportunity to get better. We have the chance to master our current course. We can't do that giving have effort, or working with one foot already out the door.

James 1:3-4 says:  because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Patience, Faith, Perseverance.

So in 2017...Lets push for Great. Let's be patient and let good things come to us and stop letting other people be responsible for our happiness and more so our worthiness. We know we are worthy, because We are here. We are able, and We're happy.  

Now, I say all that not to say, Don't NOT but Move when you are ready. Move when it's right. 

Progressing into an Odd Year,  MCW. 


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